What's The SCoop?

The SCoop

What's The SCoop?

The SCoop is a place where you can share what questions you have about South Carolina’s places, food, history or people, and SCETV will turn them into stories. We invite you to submit your questions and vote for which ones you want SCETV to investigate.

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The SCoop Poll

What have you been wondering about the SC region, people or culture that you want SCETV to investigate? Vote on your favorite question below and we'll explore the winning idea. Polling will remain open through August 17, 2018.

35% (43 votes)
Tell me more about how the unique Lowcountry color palette (Haint Blue, Charleston Green) became tradition?
18% (22 votes)
Is it true that the Palmetto tree is just a type of grass? How did we choose it as our state tree?
48% (59 votes)
What ever happened to the idea of a light rail system between Columbia, through Augusta, GA, and to Atlanta?
Total votes: 124