VIDEO | Saying "I Do" to Business Opportunities

By Andrea Esselman

Wedding Bouquet

Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and we find ourselves working a job that we never expected.

Caleb and Heather were both presented with problems that they felt needed to be solved. Instead of waiting for someone else to fix things, they decided to take care of it themselves. 

This type of opportunistic action is what leads our community into the future. Innovation and technology requires motivated and capable people to see needs and then fill them. Caleb and Heather are paving the way for others to create their own solutions.

Q&A | Learn to Love Engineering with RumbleLab

By Andrea Esselman

Moultrie Ball, founder of Rumble Lab

School can be boring. Summer can be boring, too. Honestly, kids find a lot of things “boring.” Moultrie Ball experienced this in his own childhood, and now he combats the boredom in other children by teaching them important science and engineering concepts through his company, RumbleLab. The company sends kits to subscribers on a monthly basis, and these kits have building projects that introduce engineering topics to kids in a fun and interactive way.

PODCAST | Following Up with Fund My Pro

By Andrea Esselman

Fund My Pro t-shirt

In August 2015, we met up with former NFL player Corey Jackson to learn about his newly started company, FundMyPro. This company connects fans with their favorite athletes, and it allows them to collaborate to positively impact communities in need. Corey founded the company to fulfill his dream of helping communities find solutions to tough issues. The mission: "impact the world, many communities at a time." The motivation: "giving is the greatest human experience." 

PODCAST | Meet the Founders of Voterheads

By Andrea Esselman

Karl McCollester and Matt Hudson, founders of Voterheads

It's a big election year, and the campaigns for the Presidential election have been dramatic to say the least. There has been a general increase in interest in national politics, but once the election is over, will the interest remain?

Tiny Techz Brings STEM Education to Young Students

By Andrea Esselman

Tiny Techz Brochure

Tiny Techz is a program designed to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to young students. It works with schools to teach students fundamental skills that will help them have successful futures. Tiny Techz was created by Chris Williams and Ricky West as a way to mentor students and introduce valuable knowledge to them early on. 


Q&A | A Conversation with Anthony Goldman, CEO of Koala Bottle

By Andrea Esselman

Anthony Goldman, CEO of Koala Bottle

Anthony Goldman is the founder and CEO of Koala Bottle. The bottle is a magnetic bottle system designed for bicycles. It allows easier access to the water bottle while riding and greater safety because the rider does not have to take his or her eyes off the road. The bottle has a magnetic ring around its top, and it is stored in a magnetic holder on the bike. 

Q: First off, could you tell us a little about your background? What should people know about you?

Columbia-Based Technology Incubator Helping To Ignite Startup Companies

Technology Idea

The USC / Columbia Technology Incubator recruits and then consults with high-impact startup companies in the Midlands of South Carolina. The Incubator is a nonprofit corporation sponsored by the University of South Carolina, City of Columbia and other area governments.

The incubator houses nearly 50 companies. Since its inception in 1998, it has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas. 

Q&A | A Conversation with Caleb White, Founder of WedTexts

By Marina Ziehe

 Caleb White, Founder of WedTexts

Caleb White grew up in West Columbia, S.C. After graduating from Brookland-Cayce High School, he attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

White is the founder of WedTexts, a notification system for weddings. The main goal of WedTexts is to help engaged couples reduce the stress related to a very stressful, yet amazing time–-the time leading up to their wedding. To do that, WedTexts allows the couple to send timely reminders to their wedding guests, which are delivered right to their phones.

Q&A | A Conversation with Trey Gordner, CEO of Koios

By Andrea Esselman

Koios Group

Koios is a Columbia startup dedicated to saving users money on books by searching libraries for the availability of books a person has looked up online. Carolina Money talked with CEO Trey Gordner to find out more about the startup.

Q: Could you let us know a little bit about Koios and what it does?