ETV Teacher Recertification

ETV Technology Workshop Course 2014
Hands-on sessions for SC Educators at ETV in Columbia July 29, 30 and 31, 2014
Recertification: 20 Renewal Credits
Dates: July 29 – September 22

(Participate in six ETV Technology Workshop sessions July 29-31 and complete assignments by September 22)
Cost: $75 (includes registration for ETV Technology Conference)

The ETV Technology Workshop Course 2014 is interactive professional development to help South Carolina educators explore ways to integrate technology to engage students in learning. This course earns 20 renewal credits (NO graduate credit).

Participants registered for ETV Technology Conference July 29-31 who sign up for this course to earn 20 renewal credits must attend SIX 90-minute sessions (or two 45-minute minute sessions and five 90-minute sessions). Participants may attend the sessions that best suit the educator’s individual needs over either two or three days July 29-31. (Each day there will be one 45-minute session and three 90-minute sessions with multiple content options during each time frame.) Then the participants must complete assignments over a six-week period, posting in the online Moodle course by deadline of September 22.

Step One: Register for the days of the conference. (More details on the Conference.)

Step Two: Register for the additional cost of $35 (2 days at conference) or $15 (3 days at conference).

Technology Session Possibilities, geared for all ages K-12:
iPad apps; Google docs; webtools such as Weebly, Evernote, Remind101, or Edmodo; and many more (9 hours total participating in hands-on sessions over two or three days of ETV Technology Conference). Be sure to sign-in at each session you attend.

Online Assignments due by September 22:

  1. Participants will create a detailed lesson plan for each session selected, reflecting the information learned and integrating the technology into their curriculum (@4 1/2 hours total on lesson plans). With this assignment you should identify ETV Technology session attended that lesson plan is based on, create your own lesson plan title, use your own lesson plan template or sample provided, and post completed lesson plans online in Moodle course.)
  2. Participants will view videos from a selection of videos posted online and write a brief discussion response for each as directed in Moodle course (@1 1/2 hours total viewing and responding).
  3. Participants will complete a course evaluation also posted online in Moodle course.
  4. ALL assignments must be completed by September 22.

Questions on ETV Technology Workshop Course 2014: Contact Bette Jamison at 


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