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About Pee Dee Explorer

What does it mean when someone says they are from the "Pee Dee" of South Carolina? A place is bigger than its physical geography. A "sense of place" weaves together our experiences with the land, its culture and lifestyle. This website explores the relationship of the landscape of the Pee Dee and the people who live there.

Pee Dee Explorer features over six hours of video vignettes that characterize the natural, cultural, and agricultural landscapes of the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. This new site is a virtual treasure trove of stories told by farmers, naturalists, historians, conservationists and other members of the Pee Dee community with intimate knowledge of the land. The website serves as both an educational resource and tour guide to the region's many landmarks, farms, festivals, and parks. K-12 teacher and student resources connect the Web content to the classroom through lesson plans, standards correlations, and related Web content, and visitor information is provided for schools and the general public.

The Pee Dee Explorer website is divided into chapters that provide various contexts for telling the story of the region. Each chapter contains a collection of video stories and accompanying text, based on well-known and "off the beaten path" landmarks found in the Pee Dee. In addition, the Google Maps interface allows visitors to explore these place-based stories through interactive maps with overlays that are unique to each chapter.

Questions or comments about this website can be directed to webmaster@scetv.org.

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