PBS Resources for Parents and Teachers—Helping Our Children in Difficult Times

PBS Resources for Parents and Teachers—Helping Our Children in Difficult Times

PBS is providing a collection of resources to help parents and teachers with children's concerns during these difficult times following the tornadoes in Oklahoma. View the collection provided by the producers of programming from PBS Kids:

Whether it's a major traumatic event or chronic daily hassles, kids can have a hard time coping with some of the challenges they face.

When children feel overwhelmed and unable to manage situations, it can have serious negative consequences.


PBS Parents: Helping Kids Cope with Trauma and Stress:

Read the article by Jamie Howard, PhD


PBS Parents YouTube:

A playlist with videos containing tips for talking to kids about scary news. View the videos.


How to Handle Children's Questions About Scary News:

Tornadoes. Tsunamis. Terrorists. There’s certainly no shortage of scary stories in the news. What do you do if your child starts asking questions that you’re not prepared to answer? Have no fear! Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, VP of Research and Education at Sesame Workshop, has some simple strategies to help you respond. View the video on PBS Parents' The Parent Show.


Mr. Rogers: Helping Children with Scary News:

In times of crisis, children want to know, "Who will take care of me?" They're dependent on adults for their survival and security. They're naturally self-centered. Watch his commentary and read more...


Sesame Street: 

Children might still be confused about what exactly a tornado is. Explain that it is a big storm with a lot of wind and heavy rain. It can be scary, but adults will do their best to keep children safe. Sesame Street prepared a tool kit for talking about natural disasters with kids. Learn more...


Helping Our Children in Difficult Times--Helping Our Children Feel Safe:

What can we say to children when public tragedies and upsetting events occur? Should we shield them from the news? How can we reassure them and help them feel safe?Here is some advice from early childhood experts that may be helpful. Read more...


For information about helping in the recovery effort, please visit the OETA--Oklahoma Network website.


Visit PBS Parents for a wealth of information that is available at all times.


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