Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with These Resources on Knowitall.org!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with These Resources on Knowitall.org!

Be sure to visit Nuestro Futuro and La Ropa Sucia on Knowitall.org during Hispanic Heritage Month!

Follow five young Hispanics living in South Carolina, and discover resources for using the documentary Nuestro Futuro in the classroom.

La Ropa Sucia (Dirty Laundry), a fotonovela designed to shed light on the issues facing Hispanic teens. La versión española de La Ropa Sucia está ahora disponible en Knowitall.org.

Nuestro Futuro http://www.knowitall.org/nuestrofuturo/

At age seven, Maria Bravo-Carrillo moved to South Carolina from Mexico. As she struggled to adjust to life in America and learn a new language she met many obstacles. One was the painful realization that the first English words she recognized were racial slurs toward Latinos.

Now Maria is an American citizen, about to graduate from the University of South Carolina with a degree in accounting and marketing. As the Hispanic population in South Carolina and the U.S. increases, more children are facing the transition that Maria made but not all are as successful.

Hispanic children often become the lifeline to America for their Spanish-speaking parents. This can place them in difficult situations and cause conflicts within the family structure. Nuestro Futuro explores how Latino children adjust to their new roles in an unfamiliar country.

The program follows five young Hispanics living in South Carolina. Their stories tie into larger themes about the impact of the growing Latino population on communities in the South. How are these recent immigrants being received? What new freedoms do they experience? What new challenges do they face? What do their stories bring to the history of immigration in America?

La Ropa Sucia http://www.knowitall.org/laropasucia/index.html

La Ropa Sucia is a fotonovela produced by ETV and designed to target both Hispanic and non-Hispanic teenagers; the title, which means “Dirty Laundry,” is based on the Hispanic adage, “La ropa sucia se lava en casa.” (“Dirty laundry is washed at home,” or “Don’t air your dirty laundry.”).

The purpose of La Ropa Sucia is to shed light on the issues facing Hispanic teens, such as racism, assimilation, and religious and sub-cultural division, as well as more universal issues such as poverty, domestic violence, access to healthcare and low self-esteem – issues that many teens may face. By examining and dramatizing the distinctions and the similarities between cultures, La Ropa Sucia aims to increase cross-cultural empathy and awareness.

The story was conceived by Marycruz Figueroa, a first-generation American of Mexican and Guatemalan descent. She developed the project while she was an intern at ETV from Columbia College. La Ropa Sucia was funded in part by the Humanities Councils and was produced with the support of the Hispanic arts organization Palmetto & LUNA.


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