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April 2014 - Winthrop Poll Released

The latest Winthrop Poll was released today that surveyed 877 South Carolinians from April 6-13th.

Since the last general population poll in October, Sen. Lindsey Graham's approval numbers have increased slightly to 42.8% of all respondents and 39.6% of registered voters. But, as the poll states: "While Graham’s disapproval rating among registered voters is higher than his approval rating with the same group (43.8% disapproval vs. 39.6% approval), Poll Director Scott Huffmon cautioned that the difference between the two is just at the margin of error for the registered voter sample."

South Carolina's Junior Senator Tim Scott received a 43.1% approval rating from all respondents and registered voters. The poll also states: "43.1% is not low when put in the context that Scott’s approval among all respondents is 25.5 percentage points above his disapproval. The only real interesting factor is that more than a third of respondents still don’t know enough about Sen. Scott to form an opinion even as he readies to run for his first Senate election."

Other notable results from the poll:

  • Governor Haley's approval ratings of registered voters is 10% higher than her disapproval and of everyone surveyed, her ratings were almost 15% higher.
  • Over 90% of all respondents and registered voters do not consider themselves part of the tea party. The poll notes: "Before you consider the Tea Party membership numbers small, please consider that 5.6% of registered voters translates to 158,223 people who consider themselves MEMBERS of the Tea Party. That is not an insignificant number."



Rebecca DuBose

Rebecca DuBose wrote on 05/29/14 5:10 PM

Thanks for keeping the people of SC updated about out politics and politicians. However, I think you might have a typo in the information about Gov. Haley's approval ratings or were some of the respondents being killed off? (I think you meant of everyone "surveyed" instead of "survived". It was probably an auto-spell-checker error.

Ty wrote on 05/30/14 3:26 PM

Thank you for catching that error.

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