Countdown to 2014 Election:


Superintendent of Education Debate

Candidates Molly Spearman (R) and Tom Thompson (D) debate.


Tom Ervin Meets with The State Newspaper’s Editorial Board

Petition candidate Tom Ervin, who is running for governor, recently meet with the editorial board of The State Newspaper to discuss his platform and campaign.

Stay tuned for more of The State’s editorial board meetings with the candidates for governor as they happen.


VP Joe Biden Visits SC

Vice President Joe Biden headlined an event hosted by the SC Democratic Party at Allen University in Columbia on Tuesday. In his speech to rally SC democratic voters, he touched on education, healthcare, and voting rights.


US Senate Debate

Recorded October 13th, 2014.
Sen. Brad Hutto (D) and Thomas Ravenel (Petition) debate.


Absentee Voting Up and Running

With less than a month until the general election, absentee voting has begun in South Carolina. Qualified voters can request an absentee ballot in person or by mail. 29,000 absentee ballots have already been requested, which is running close to the amount received during the last gubernatorial election in 2010. The SC Election Commission released in a statement that “a total of 153,702 absentee ballots were cast in that election.”

Some criteria to be qualified to vote absentee include:

  •          Students attending school outside their county of residence
  •         Members of the Armed Services outside their country of residence
  •          Physically disabled persons
  •          Persons 65 years or older

For a complete list of ways to be qualified to vote absentee, visit



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