Conversations on SC History with Dr. Walter Edgar

Produced by ITV with ETV, this new series features noted South Carolina historian, Dr. Walter Edgar, discussing key issues in South Carolina history with ETV’s Tom Fowler. The series begins with a focus on geography and moves from pre-history through Colonial history, The Revolution, The War Between the States, Reconstruction era, and then into the 20th and 21st century.  Twenty-three lessons complete the discussions.

Lesson Title (Links will open in a new window)
1. SC Geography 
2. Pre-History of SC 
3. First European Settlers 
4. Early Colonial Life 
5. Colonial Black Experience 
6. Art and Architecture 
7. Winds of Discontent 
8. American Revolution in SC…Low Country 
9. American Revolution in SC…Up Country 
10. Life and Culture in the New States 
11. The Antebellum Period 
12. Southern Discontent 
13. SC and The Civil War 
14. Reconstruction 
15. The Era of the Populist 
16. Southern Rebirth 
17. SC Enters the 20th Century, Part 1 
18. SC Enters the 20th Century, Part 2 
19. SC Music and Musicians 
20. Desegregation in SC 
21. SC Today 
22. SC Tomorrow 
23. Your Town in History 

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