America's Quest for Freedom

The main story of America is its quest for freedom for all. This Readerís Digest produced series looks at our history through that lens. While it celebrates our dedication to this human ideal, it also realistically shows that events which increased freedom for some groups were usually accompanied by forces suppressing liberty for others. This clear focus on Americaís essential struggle memorably dramatizes our common history.

Lesson Title 

  Freedom & Repression in Colonial America

  The Growth of Pre-Revolutionary Freedoms

  Ideas of Freedom in Revolutionary America

  Freedom & Loss: Wilderness & Industry

  Freedomís Irony: Trails of Tears & Manifest Destiny 

  Freedom & Justice: The Civil War Era

  Freedoms Gained & Lost in The Gilded Age

  Freedom Marches Into the 20th Century

  Free At Last? WWII & After

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