Project Discovery Revisited

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Lesson 1: George Washington's Mount Vernon 

Lesson 2: A Horse Training Center

Lesson 3: The U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Lesson 4: Kings Mountain Pioneer Farm

Lesson 5: Middleton Place Plantation

Lesson 6: Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden

Lesson 7: Shores, Sea Creatures, and More

Lesson 8: The New York Stock Exchange

Lesson 9: Snakes, Snakes, Snakes

Lesson 10: Old South Carolina Home Places

Lessons 11 and 12: Mr. Jefferson's Monticello

Lesson 13: Bats, Bat Facts and Myths

Lesson 14: The H.L. Hunley Discovered

Lesson 15: Dinosaur Families with Jack Horner

Lesson 16: Medical Care for Birds of Prey

Lesson 17: Charles Fort Archaeology News

Lesson 18:  Backstage at The Nutcracker

Lesson 19: Riverbanks, Butterflies, and More

Lessons 20 and 21: Research on the Vessel Palmetto

Lesson 22: Upstate Visit to Walnut Grove Plantation

Lesson 23: First Look at NSC's Fort Discovery

Lessons 24 and 25: Stepping Back to Medieval Times

Lesson 26: Meeting Big Backyard Monsters

Lessons 27 and 28: South Carolina State House Renovations

Lesson 29: North Carolina Zoo and Elephants Project

Lessons 30 and 31: Around Alone 1998-1999

Lessons 32 and 33: Fire Academy

Lessons 34 and 35: The South Carolina Aquarium

Lesson 36: The Winnsboro Railroad

Lessons 37 and 38: Colonial Williamsburg Field Trip

Lesson 39: Avery Research Center

Lesson 40: Charleston Harbor Police and Harbor Pilots

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