#ThrowbackThursday: Governor James Edwards 1976 State of the State Address

By T. Safdi


James Burrows Edwards was Governor of South Carolina from 1975-1979. He was the first Republican to be elected Governor of South Carolina since Reconstruction.

This State of the State Address is from January 27, 1976.

“This past year there’s been one of many problems. Together we meet those problems head on and tomorrow South Carolina will be a better state for it. We did it in the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation that was unsurpassed and I will always be grateful for your help.” - Gov. Edwards

#ThrowbackThursday: Gov. McNair's 1968 State of the State

By T. Safdi


Robert Evander McNair, Sr. was the 108th governor of South Carolina, having served from 1965 to 1971. McNair was a Democrat and a pro-education governor.

This State of the State Address is from McNair’s second term in office in 1968.

“South Carolina is today in the midst of the great mid-twentieth century transformation, shifting from a rural to an urban state. From agriculture to industry, the economy is in serious transition.” - Robert Evander McNair, Sr.

Bullying: A Growing Problem

By A. Randall


The four major types of bullying are verbally, socially, physically and now cyberbullying. It is a growing concern that we are hearing about more and more frequently. 

Rep. Robert Williams describes bullying as “... a group of individuals who usually come together as a pack and they develop some type of bond, and what they do is they prey on those who are less compatible to them…maybe a very academic person.” 

Could South Carolina Turn Into a Blue State?

By A. Crouch

Blue State

Today, the South is considered a Republican stronghold when it comes to presidential elections. So, what are the chances South Carolina could turn into a blue state? Winthrop Political Science Professor Scott Huffmon says, “It’s a mistake to think that the past twenty years will define the future forever. Remember, we were once part of the solidly democratic south.”

What are your thoughts? Will we see a Democrat or a Republican win the next Governor’s election in 2014?