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Knowitall Media: Native American Heritage & Career Exploration / Job Shadowing Videos

November 12, 2015 - Posted in Education

In November, Knowitall Media makes it easy for students to explore potential careers, learn about our Native American Heritage, and honor our veterans of World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And they’re all just a click away! Videos play on your tablet or mobile device…and yes, your computer, too!

Career Exploration

Knowitall Media brings an abundance of career education/job shadowing videos to your computer, tablet or mobile device! These videos provide insight into a wide array of professions, as students plan the pathway that best suits them.


Career Aisle > Career Clusters - A wide array of resources to help students to explore and gain insight into various professions, organized by Career Cluster.

Career Aisle Regional Education Center Videos - Produced on the recommendation of coordinators of the Regional Education Centers, these segments highlight jobs that are located within the geographic region of each Regional Education Center.

Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind (Panel Discussions and Bios of Artists): - Series includes a panel discussion with the artists and a series of bios with artists in various careers in the visual and performing arts. Both series include details about arts-related careers, educational requirements, and technology and soft skills utilized.

Creating a Career with the Media Arts in Mind - Panelists in careers related to media arts discuss the education and experiences that attracted them to a career in this field, and describe the path that led to their profession. They discuss skills utilized in their job each day, a typical day, and give advice to students.

Eye Wonder - Series excites students and is fun to watch as our cameraman, D.V., seeks answers to all sorts of questions! The series integrates science and technology, while focusing on careers. 

Hot Jobs - Produced by the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce, features on-site interviews with people in a variety of professions, providing insight into careers from the people who know them best!

Kids Work! - Job exploration that connects school work to real work, series provides profiles from professionals in a hospital, a television station, and in the theater.

Legacy of Leadership - Series profiles S.C. business leaders for their achievements in business, and their inspired leadership and community mindedness, upon their induction into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame. Junior Achievement and The State

Palmetto Leaders (Career Development - SCANS Skills) - Series focuses on the SCANS Skills that some of South Carolina's leaders identify as being instrumental in their career growth and success.

Science Splash - Women who excel in careers in science, technology, engineering and math provide inspiration and insight into their careers, and encourage girls to consider all the possibilities!


Native American Heritage Collection

Our Native American Heritage Collection brings together all of our Native American Heritage resources in one location, making it quick and convenient to find resources you need, including:

Those Who Remain: This program explores the world of the little-known cultures of South Carolina's Native American Indian people.

The Snowbird Cherokees: When Cherokees were evicted by the U.S. government in 1838, many of the ancestors of Snowbird managed to flee, returning after months of hiding in the forests of the Smokey Mountains. Program delves into the history of the Cherokees, since the arrival of European whites in their territory.

And more!


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