Face-to-Face Workshops

SCETV Idea Lab

SCETV Idea Lab

Free SCETV face-to-face workshops are available at your location.

  • We customize workshops to fit your needs.
    • Time frame­planning periods, half days, after school, full days.
    • Content-grade levels, subjects, devices, software, webtools, etc.
  • We work with PC, MAC, and mobile devices.

Schedule Training

Ask us about our week long summer recertification courses (for a fee) at your district.

View our training calendar and contact Debbie Jarrett or Donna Thompson for more information or to schedule a workshop.

Sample List of Possible Workshops

Let us know what we can do for you.

SCETV StreamlineSC
Let us help you address the variety of learning styles in your classroom with SCETV StreamlineSC (Learn360). South Carolina teachers have free access to over 145,000 video clips correlated to the South Carolina Standards. There is always something NEW!​ (45 min presentation or 1.5 to 2 hours in a lab) 

SCETV Does That?
Are you using StreamlineSC.org/Learn360?  And did you know that SCETV offers many other resources for educators:  Knowitall.org  (South  Carolina  History  and Careers),  PBSLearningMedia.org,  PBS Kids, and all of SCETV’s recertification opportunities? Come learn about all the resources that SCETV provides for all SC Educators.  (45-­60 min presentation)

Webtools for Teachers
Let us share some of our favorite FREE webtools with your teachers. There is so much on the internet for educators to use in their classroom. Let us break it down and share some of our favorites.  Participants will be given access to our online list of the latest tools available to teachers. (60 min presentation) We are available to do more in­depth training on individual webtools.

Creating Instructional Videos
There are thousands of pre-made instructional videos out there but nothing is more effective than videos created by the teacher. Discover some easy ways to create instructional videos with no editing involved using your phone or iPad and Google apps and webtools.

Creating Multimedia Projects with Mobile Devices
Those mobile devices are not just for games and skill­-and-­drill. Let us show you how to use your mobile device as a tool for creating multimedia projects for all grade levels.

The Power of QR Codes
You have seen QR Codes everywhere; now why not let them in your classroom? When smart devices are available, QR Codes are great for scavenger hunts, diverse  activities, collaboration, calendars,  reminders, homework assignments, contact information, and much more. (45 min presentation or in a lab)

iMovie on iPads
iMovie is a great tool for teachers and students. Teachers can create quick clips for instruction including flipping the classroom. Students can create projects for learning and assessment. Let’s create together! (1 to 2 hours with iPads)

Video  Editing  
Learn how to edit videos from Streamline  or your camera using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (on a Mac or iPad). (1.5 hours to 3 in lab)

Flipping Tools
Thinking about Flipping your classroom? Let us share some tools that will assist you.  We will share ideas to make this an easy transition for you and your students.

Streamline  Admin
(for those who manage Streamline accounts for their school or district) Learn how to maintain your school’s account and run reports for your school or district. (Great presentation for district­wide media specialists meetings) (30 min presentation or 1 hr in a lab)

How to tell a Good Story
Let’s discuss what makes a good story and then create one using readily available webtools using mobile devices or computer lab. (1.5 to 3 hours)

Assessment Tools on the Web.  
Explore free webtools that teachers can use for both formal and  informal  assessment. Some  tools  covered: Plickers,  Kahoot,  Socrative  and  more. (minimum of 1 hour but depends on number of sites covered)

Understanding Cloud Storage  
Where is this cloud everyone talks about and how and why do I need it? We can cover the basics of cloud storage using Google Drive, Dropbox and others. We can tailor the workshop to whatever your district is currently using.

Full Day with SCETV
We can combine any of the above workshops to create a full day of staff development. (6 to ­8 hours in a lab) Or we can work with teachers during their Planning Periods. (30 to 45 min presentations)