Candidate Interview Participation Criteria

ETV Candidate Interviews on Palmetto Scene
Participation Criteria
US House and Senate Races

A vital part of ETV’s mission is advancing good citizenship by producing and broadcasting quality local public affairs programming about South Carolina.  ETV thus has determined to produce and broadcast Candidate Interviews with candidates for US House and Senate races for the 2016 election on its program Palmetto Scene.

ETV has also determined, in the public interest, and in the exercise of its journalistic judgment, to limit participation in these programs.  To be included in the Candidate Interviews on Palmetto Scene, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. The candidate has qualified for a place on the ballot, and
  2. The candidate satisfies at least three of the following four criteria:
    • The candidate has been nominated for the current election by a political party recognized under state law;
    • The candidate has made public position statements on at least three issues (e.g., in one or more press releases, campaign website, campaign brochure, speech, or other public statement);
    • The candidate has accepted at least $10,000 in contributions for the current election (e.g., as documented in Federal Election Commission reports available at exclusive of funding from the candidate’s own resources;
    • The candidate has received press coverage that identifies the candidate as a candidate for the current elections in at least five (5) bona fide print, online, radio, television, or cable TV news stories (if requested, the candidate must provide ETV with examples of press coverage); or the candidate has received at least five percent (5%) support for the current election in a professionally conducted non-partisan public opinion survey (if available) by an independent political pollster.


ETV believes the criteria ensure fairness and editorial integrity.